About us

BeeConnected connects registered beekeepers with registered farmers and contractors, enabling two-way communication on the location of hives and crop protection product activities. Contractors and farmers are able to input information on their crop protection activities that may be of interest to a beekeeper, and beekeepers are able to notify nearby farmers of the location of their hives. This opens up a line of communication through an internal messaging system.

Successful stewardship requires collaboration, engagement and support by all stakeholders. Where this occurs, the community can be assured that best practices are being consistently applied for the safety of users, consumers and the environment, including and especially for managing any risks to pollinators.

CropLife Canada is proud to provide BeeConnected to the community free of charge – support of all agricultural industry stakeholders is required to encourage farmers and beekeepers to sign up and take advantage of this resource. 

About CropLife Canada

CropLife Canada is the trade association representing the manufacturers, developers and distributors of plant science technologies, including pest control products and plant biotechnology, for use in agriculture, urban and public health settings.

We strive to ensure that the benefits of plant science innovations can be enjoyed by both farmers and consumers. CropLife Canada promotes sustainable agricultural practices and we are committed to protecting human health and the environment.

For more information visit www.croplife.ca

About Candian Honey Council

The Canadian Honey Council is the national association of beekeepers representing over 8,000 apiculturists across Canada. The CHC provides a forum where producers, packers, professionals, provincial associations and officials from different levels of government can talk and recommend action in the best interests of the Canadian honey bee industry.

For more information visit www.honeycouncil.ca.